Tuesday, 25 December 2012

[NEWS] KARA's Seungyeon fires back at netizens who posted hateful comments

KARA‘s Seungyeon recently fired back at some netizens who posted hateful comments towards her.

On December 24th, Seungyeon shared the following on her Twitter, “Netizens with no name, if you hide behind the title of the public, you think you are all moralists and experts, and seem to become someone with great strength? As I observe and observe over time, it makes no sense (hehe). If you don’t agree, don’t watch and if you hate someone, just leave them alone. Do you have to express that heart to reveal your honesty? Thank you for letting me know.”

She continued, “Listen up. While you invest your time into making the people you hate feel bad, I will cherish my time, by working hard, and spending it with good people so don’t you worry. Think about it carefully. Which reality do you want to face.”

Netizens commented, “You’re right. Netizens’ hateful comments have crossed the line these days”, “Don’t worry about it. Anti-fans usually crave the attention”, and “Celebrities are human too.”

Source: allkpop

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